The the August-September edition of the bimonthly Trademark Lawyer magazine published an article entitled In Good Faith Reflections on the Freudenberg Case and China’s Trademark Law. This article is written by Mr. Liu Guangming, the partner of Hui Zhong Law Firm and Mr. Richard Yao, the partner of Jun He Law Firm. In this article, the authors have reflected on changes to China’s Trademark Law which introduces the principle of “good faith” and a recent Court case which sets a precedent on the same issue. The authors find that the “good faith” principle in China’s new trademark Law essentially broadens the exception of the “first-to-file” principle, though the new law does not give clear guidance about how to practice this principle or how to prove “bad faith”.

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The Trademark Lawyer Published A Special Report Made by Hui Zhong Lawyer

June 30, 2015


Hui Zhong Special Report