The Getting The Deal Through 2015: Arbitration was published by the Law Business Research Ltd in UK in January 2015. As co-authors to the CIETAC Chapter, Mr. Ning Fei (executive partner of Hui Zhong Law Firm), Ms. Fang Zhao (partner of Hui Zhong Law Firm) and Mr. Shengchang Wang (senior consultant of Hui Zhong Law Firm) have elaborated the history of CIETAC, the 2015 CIETAC Rules and the salient features of CIETAC arbitration.

The Law Business Research Ltd also publishes GAR and other arbitration-related works. Hui Zhong Law Firm contributes to the GAR Asia Pacific Arbitration Review as well.

With permission of the Law Business Research Ltd, the CIETAC chapter may be viewed and downloaded here. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through: Arbitration 2015, (published in January 2015; contributing editors: Gerhard Wegen and Stephan Wilske, Gleiss Lutz). For further information please visit

Getting the Deal Through 2015: CIETAC

June 30, 2015


Hui Zhong Special Report