New Law Delivery. The CBRC issues the Administrative Measures for the Liquidity Risk of Commercial Banks (for Trial Implementation). The Ministry of Land and Resources issues the Circular on Strengthening the Management, Control and Implementation of the Strictest Protection System for Cultivated Land. The State Council Issues the Reform Proposals for the Registered Capital Registration System. The SAIC Issues the Circular on the Cessation of the Annual Inspection for Enterprises. The SAIC Issues the Measures for the Sampling Inspection on the Quality of Commodities in Circulation. The SAIC Issues the Measures for the Handling of Consumer Complaints by Industry and Commerce Administrative Departments. Ministry of Finance and Bureau of Taxation jointly issue the Circular on Related Issues regarding the Management of Recognition of Non-profit Organizations. Shenzhen Stock Exchange Issues the Network Voting in General Meetings of the Shareholders of Listed Companies (Revised in September 2014)

Dispute Resolution News Alert-23th Volume

June 30, 2015


Department of secondary special report, Hui Zhong Special Report