In contrast to domestic litigation, cross-border litigation is relatively challenging, for it involves laws, practices and cultures in different legal systems. Due to the various limitations imposed on the legal service market, local courts in a country usually do not allow foreign lawyers to directly represent parties such as by attending hearings, providing legal advice and collecting evidence. Notwithstanding this, Chinese lawyers can play a major role in cross-border litigation, which demands cooperation between China and foreign lawyers.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in cross-border litigation, especially in assisting clients to adopt, implement and adjust strategies to respond to litigation in a foreign jurisdiction. We provide advisory opinions to our clients to help clients avoid litigation risks in their business decisions. In parallel to the overseas litigation, we can represent clients to attend domestic litigation, including making claims, formulating litigation strategies, attending hearings in trial and appellate court levels, and enforcing judicial judgments. From the perspective of outbound litigation, we have close business cooperative relationship with foreign law firms in respect of attending discovery, providing expert opinions, acting as expert witness, and coordinating for other ongoing support.

If you need our lawyers to represent outbound litigation, please contact us.