Albert Vandenberg, from the Netherlands, was elected as the next chairman of the International Commission of Commercial Arbitration on November 1. He would start to perform his duties as the chairman from April of 2014. He has been the general editor for the International Commercial Arbitration Yearbook of the ICCA since 1986, the general editor for the series of publications concerning the ICCA seminars since 1993 and the member of the ICCA Foundation since 1997, making tremendous contribution to the ICCA. As to being the newly elected chairman, Vandenberg said that he would promote the transparency of the work in ICCA and further strengthen the leading position of the ICCA in international arbitration based on the new rules and regulations of the ICCA.

The ICCA is a non-governmental organization in the world and is dedicated to the popularization and application of international arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolutions. It intends to promote the consistency and harmony of the laws, rules, procedures and standards between international arbitration and mediation. It is also an official consultation organization recognized by the United Nations. ICCA has made tremendous contribution to the promulgation of the UNCITRAL arbitration rules, Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration and Model Law on International Commercial Mediation by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law.

ICCA consists of administrative commission and general commission. The number of the administrative commission members is very limited, being no more than 45 at most. The members must be the publicly recognized experts in the area of dispute resolution and must come from different legal and economic systems and from both developing and developed countries around the world. Functioning as the decision-making organization, the ICCA administrative commission now consists of 41 commissioners. Besides, there are also 17 consultation commissioners and more than 800 general commissioners in the ICCA.

The senior counsel, Dr. Wang Changsheng, from Huizhong Law Firm, has been a member of the ICCA administrative commission since 1990. Ye Lu from King & Wood Law Firm was elected as the newly added member of the ICCA administrative commission in May this year. And the renowned Prof. Tang Houzhi, a seasoned arbitration expert and also the honorary chairman of the CIETAC , currently is a consultation commissioner of the ICCA.