The Fifth Greater China Arbitration Seminar, which was organized by the Greater China Arbitration Forum and CIETAC, was held in Beijing from October 14 to 16, 2013. More than 200 participants from the Greater China region and from Singapore and Sweden attended the Seminar. The Seminar lasted one and a half days. It addressed the following topics: current circumstances and developments of international arbitration and mediation in Greater China, confronting the competitions, opportunities and challenges in international arbitration of Greater China, looking to the direction and prospects of international arbitration and mediation in Greater China, and accelerating its developments.

Mr. Fei of Hui Zhong Law Firm talked about the “Scheme of Resolving Cross-strait Investment Disputes: Status Quo and Future”, which covered the background of the cross-strait Agreement, the differences between the Agreement and other bi-lateral investment protection agreements, and the applicable scope and the methods of dispute resolution. He also answered questions from the audience.