From 27th to 29th of June, the fifth assembly of the Asia Pacific Regional Arbitration Group (APRAG), being undertaken by the CIETAC is held in Beijing. Zhou Qiang, the President and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Sundra Rajoo, the Chairman of the APRAG, the Chairman of the Lumpur Arbitration Center in Maylasia, Renaud Sorieul, the Secretary-general of the UNICITRAL, and Yuang Guo Qiang, the Secretary of the Department of Justice of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are invited to attend the opening ceremony and deliver the speech. Approximately 400 people, responsible persons, arbitrators, lawyers as well as representatives of enterprise from 26 countries and regions such as China, America, England, Swedish, Austria, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Viet Nam, Hong Kong (China) and Taiwan, attend this assembly.

This is the first assembly of APRAG held in mainland China, lasting two and half days. With the theme of “Opportunities and Challenges of Asia-Pacific Arbitration in Future Ten Years”, the Assembly mainly focus on the new trend of international arbitration rules, interim measures, the enforcement of arbitration, and mediation, marine arbitration, investment arbitration, paying attention to hot issues, trying to grasp opportunities and look ahead. During the Assembly, organizers of the Assembly hosted a banquet in the Grand Ballroom of the Beijing Hotel to treat entire guests on 28th of June. The banquet is solely sponsored by newly-established Hui Zhong Law Firm. The banquet is named as “Hui Zhong Night”. Fei Ning, the partner of Hui Zhong and Sun Hua Wei, the Senior Consultant of Hui Zhong gave enthusiastic speech, welcomed by the participants. Fei Ning and Sun Hua Wei first thanks the friends from APRAG, the CIETAC. They said, we all are very lucky to witness APRAG’s prospect history, from its beginning to booming development. With the coming of the 21st century, Asia-pacific region rises to be the most energetic region in the world. As the product of the booming economy, arbitration and other ADR ways of dispute resolution attract unprecedented attention and rocket its development. Many countries have revised its arbitration laws. By adopting the policy of tending to arbitration, many arbitration institutions have completed their arbitration rules, with the purpose of making users feel more convenient. Nowadays, the Asia-Pacific region has become one of the main arbitration centers in the world, to which APRAG contributes enormously. APRAG plays a vital role in this cheer development. We congratulate to APRAG, for its efforts to publicize arbitration knowledge, popularize arbitration skills and the endorsement of Asian arbitration all acquired cheerful results.

Fei Ning and Sun Hua Wei introduced the Hui Zhong Law Firm to the guests. They said, Hui Zhong Law Firm is a newly-established boutique law firm, boasting its core business, domestic and international dispute resolution. Its aim is to provide high-end services to its clients with the enthusiasm to arbitration in specific practice of business. Meanwhile, it also expects to learn and exchange in big events such as APRAG Assembly, making friends, better popularizing arbitration.

The whole speech of Fei Ning and Sun Hua Wei in “Hui Zhong Night”, please click here.