Hui Zhong Law Firm announced today the addition of Mr. Qiu Ming, a former Supreme People’s Court judge, who is now a partner of the Beijing-based prominent dispute resolution boutique.

Mr. Qiu worked for and sat on the bench of the Supreme People’s Court for nearly 10 years and was primarily involved in civil trial supervision proceedings. He brings a rare perspective from the Supreme Court’s bench given his abundant experience gained from more than 80 retrial cases he managed and more than 300 retrial cases he participated in reviewing, which were in wide-ranging areas such as equity interest disputes in public and private companies, complex financing transactions, construction, property law and considerable compensation of damages in tort.

Mr. Qiu actively participated in the entire judicial reform process for the retrial system of civil cases and was a core member of the working group of the Supreme People’s Court to prepare and finalize the initial drafts and the subsequent amendment of the Supreme People’s Court’s judicial interpretations of trial supervision procedures for civil cases.

He is known for his thorough legal research, rigorous training in judicial practice, and the ability to come up with creative solutions for the parties’ disputes. He has been a strong advocate to make judicial interpretations from the legislative history viewpoint.

Mr. Qiu received his Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws degrees from China University of Political Science and Law, and became qualified to practice in 2003. His specialties include civil procedure law, contract law, property law, tort law, labor law and family law.