Our clients come from China and all over the world. We provide legal services to natural persons, legal persons, and other economic organizations. We also provide legal services to government agencies, regional organizations, and international organizations. Meanwhile, we are always willing to closely cooperate with domestic and foreign law firms.

For overseas clients

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the laws, cultures, and business environment of China. And they continuously accumulate and develop their legal knowledge, experiences, and specializations. Our lawyers are sensitive to the cultural and legal differences between foreign and domestic parties, and know how to explain these legal and procedural differences to our clients to help them understand the relevant substantive and procedural issues. In this way, unnecessary disputes are avoided beforehand. Our practicing lawyers are able to represent our clients in the litigation proceedings of various levels of Chinese courts, and our lawyers and counsels can comprehensively represent our clients to participate in the arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution procedures conducted in various arbitration bodies throughout China. Through our expertise and knowledge in various areas of law and in diverse industries, combined with our outstanding track records, we have proven ourselves capable of satisfying the needs of our clients from abroad.

For domestic clients

Given the common historical traditions and legal backgrounds, our lawyers are able to fully understand and realize our local client’s needs. Our team of practicing lawyers can represent our local clients in various levels of PRC courts, and participate in arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution procedures in various arbitration bodies in the PRC. Although we may not be qualified to represent our clients in foreign courts, due to our expansive network of international law firms, we are always able to assist our clients in selecting the most appropriate foreign firm to work with. We respect the choices of each of our clients, and we strive to provide low-cost and high-efficiency dispute resolution strategies based on our clients’ overall legal and business goals.

Cooperation with domestic and foreign law firms

Our lawyers are effective in cooperating and developing close working relationships with domestic and foreign law firms. We go to great length to complete and realize matters entrusted by other law firms. Our lawyers have proven their excellent expertise and skills in coordination, participation and knowledge sharing in cross-border, large-scale, and complex litigations and arbitrations. In this context, given our abundant and unparalleled expertise in areas of dispute resolution, we have advised our clients either as legal counsel on Chinese law or co-counsel when working with domestic and foreign law firms.


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