Disputes caused by hijacking domain names, Internet keywords, wireless network addresses, SMS addresses, information network addresses are usually resolved by Internet-based Dispute Resolution. Experts will decide cases in the Internet-based Dispute Resolution under certain “mandatory procedural rules” (which are similar in nature to the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy or UDRP of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN) to which the registrants are bound. This mechanism is restricted to resolving disputes between the registrants of those network-based names, keywords and addresses and intellectual property rights holders. A great amount of disparities exist between the Internet-based Dispute Resolution and commercial arbitration.

Our lawyers have experiences in resolving disputes caused by hijacking of domain names on the Internet. If you need our lawyers to represent you at the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center of CIETAC, the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center and the World Intellectual Property Organization, etc., please contact us.