Arbitration refers to a method of resolving disputes that is usually triggered by parties voluntarily submitting existing or future disputes to a third party (i.e., arbitrator or arbitrators) agreed by parties’ agreement to arbitrate, and the award of the arbitrator has binding force. Arbitration has become an important way to solve both domestic and international commercial disputes, for it has certain advantages such as autonomy of parties’ will, finality and effectiveness of the arbitral award, confidentiality and the possibility of being recognized and enforced by both domestic and foreign courts.

Our lawyers are proficient in arbitration treaties as well as the laws and rules of arbitration in major jurisdictions. Among them, some are renowned experts of arbitration theories and practice, while some of them are appointed as arbitrators by major international arbitration institutions worldwide. Each of our veteran lawyers has rich practice experiences in mainstream national and international arbitration institutions, such as:

  • China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)
  • Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (SHIAC)
  • South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (SCIA)
  • China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC)
  • Arbitration commissions in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other cities
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC)
  • Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (HKIAC)
  • Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC)
  • American Arbitration Association (AAA)
  • London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)
  • British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Center (BCICAC)
  • Ad-hoc Arbitration under the UNICITRAL Rules

The broad range of our arbitration practice covers almost every major area of commercial transactions, including but not limited to the following:

  • Sales of Goods
  • Sino-foreign Equity and Cooperative Joint Venture
  • Corporate Business
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Banking and Finance
  • Energy
  • Communications and Media
  • Employment Disputes
  • Agency
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Long-term Supply
  • Enterprise Restructuring, Evaluation and Liquidation
  • Environmental Protection
  • Maritime
  • Investment Treaty Disputes


What we boast is not only the understanding and application of each set of arbitration rules, but also our familiarity with and inclusiveness of Eastern and Western cultures. We also have unique experiences in selecting arbitration institution, arbitrators and expert witness. These features of our uniqueness effectively afford us potential opportunities of having a smooth and effective channel of communication with arbitration tribunals.

Our arbitration practice covers the following categories:

  • Domestic Arbitration
  • “Foreign-related” Arbitration
  • Foreign Arbitration
  • Arbitration in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau
  • Arbitration under Investment Treaty
  • Labor Arbitration
  • Internet-based Dispute Resolution