We encourage both domestic and foreign clients to contact us for written or oral consultations regarding any dispute resolution matters.  Based on the scope of the consultation, we will arrange for the most qualified attorney to provide a prompt and comprehensive answer.  Specifically, we can provide the following legal services for our clients:

  1. Provide legal opinions and feasibility analysis for dispute resolution methods;
  2. Provide constructive and operable dispute prevention plans;
  3. Draft and revise relevant dispute resolution agreements based on the special needs of various disputes and transactions;
  4. Design and implement reasonable dispute resolution methods and procedures;
  5. Establish comprehensive strategies for dispute resolution, and participate in settlement negotiations;
  6. Research and forecast possible judgment outcomes, and provide early stage neutral determinations to help decision-makers to make an informed decision;
  7. Research and draft reports on laws, regulations, and implementing practices for various client matters.

For more information, please contact us.