Alternative Dispute Resolution (or ADR) is an alternative to resolving disputes by court litigations. In some cases, traditional litigation procedures are effective in safeguarding the interests of the parties. In many other cases, however, engaging in other alternative forms of dispute resolution may be preferable to traditional procedures to fully satisfy the needs of the parties. Non-litigation dispute resolution procedures take place in many forms, for example, arbitration, mediation, expert review, preliminary neutral evaluation, and any other forms desired by the parties. Because ADRs have the characteristics of being flexible and cost effective, parties increasingly welcome and engage in ADRs.

The mainstream forms of dispute resolution are litigation, arbitration, mediation, settlements, or other dispute resolution methods that are applied separately. However, based on the individual situations of each case, various dispute resolution methods may independently exist, or mutually co-exist, or even be combined together to produce the best results. Parallel dispute resolution often means the combination of various strategies during a dispute resolution process. For example, a third-party mediation can be sought while in litigation, or negotiation discussions in arbitration, or combining arbitration with mediation while also negotiating. Compound dispute resolution is the dynamic integration or combination of two or more dispute resolution methods, e.g. mediation while litigating, mediation during arbitration, expert review during mediation and arbitration, etc. Especially in large construction or investment projects, a trend towards compound dispute resolution to prevent disputes or promptly resolve disputes is identifiable.

Our lawyers are experienced in providing quality service to our clients for all types of ADR mechanisms. We understand each type of ADR and know how to skillfully combine them to achieve the best results for our clients. In many cases, arbitration and litigation are not the only options available to a client. Where we believe that arbitration or court proceedings are not the ideal means for resolving a client’s problems, our team will provide a range of additional options outside of traditional litigation and arbitration based on the client’s specific circumstances, including mediation, risk assessment and settlement.

Other than arbitration, we also provide the following ADR services to our clients:

  • Case Consultation
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Expert Review